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The portal of the non-profit association : L.L.R. intended to virtually accommodate all those interested in the projects of our association.

L.L.R. has as goal to promote individual independance, spiritual fulfillment, a healthy lifestyle through the creation and living in eco-villages.

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Situation at this date
To date, the association L.L.R. has not yet sufficient funds to invest directly in the purchase of land and building of bungalows.

However, the maximum is done for the maintenance and development of the association.
How are the funds invested
The funds collected via the services offered are mostly saved with a view to acquiring the real estate necessary for the creation of autonomous living spaces.

The remainder is invested in the proposal of services.
Current projects
L.L.R. implements different means in order to offer quality services, useful and requested, however currently limited by the funds collected, these are mainly linked to the Internet.

Other projects are at study and may see the light as soon as sufficient funds have been collected.
If you appreciate the projects of L.L.R. and wish to participate in one way or another in their creation it is possible for you to send us an e-mail - see contact page below.
Contact with you can then be made to see what is possible.

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If you wish to contact us, please use the contact details below, or use the form on the right.

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6900 Marche-en-Famenne
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